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Products name: decorative double jack chain curtain with logo

No SG22 &SG18
Material:Aluminum alloy

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Product description:


Aluminum link chain curtain is made from aluminum links that is eco-friendly and will not get rust. With the features not rust, eco-friendly and various of colors, the link chain curtain wildly applied for door fly curtain window treatment, room dividers, wall backdrop, ceiling decoration or visual merchandising, etc.

Chain curtains are a very attractive and alternative screen for hotel, restaurants, bars, cafes and retail outlets, allowing easy access for both public staff whilst keeping private areas out of others disturb. If with any logo design, it is the good visual merchandise.

Door chain curtains (chain door) fly and insect screens are ideal for the front or rear entrances found on most small businesses, the chain door curtain fly and insect screen is the cheapest method available for covering a door opening.

Available color:

Available track:

How to get the right thing you need

1.This is the metal chain curtain with logo design,waht kind of design you need,just send us the drawing of your design.

2.Aslo let us know the width and height of whole curtain and the logo area.

3.Which colors do you like?

4.Will you install the curtain on ceiling or on the wall?


Application pictures: