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Products name: Metal cloth curtain

Weight:Aluminum alloy

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One of our client chose the metal cloth for the window curtain, also many colors for the decoration of showing room.They are the very good choice for the fashion decoration. Except for the curtains, room dividers , the metal cloth fabric also  can be made of dress, earring or other decoration accessories.

Metal sequin cloth is arranged by aluminum patches.The patches are shaped flat, ball,plum blossom and diamond etc. Positive looks like bamboo. Aluminum meshes has strong decorative effect.It not only has the mental texture but can move like common cloth and showing charming colors under light.

Metal sequin cloth can be used in hotels and other screen divisions. Metallic pieces can be changed at will just like cloth, is the latest fashionable elements.

Variety colors,unique style design, metal cloth is a new  kind fabric, the spangle can bring you a new fashionable visual effect. 
Here is the color and type card of metal cloth:

How to get the right thing you need?

1.If you need it for curtain, then tell us what the width and height of the curtain, which color, do you need?

2.If you need it for other decorations, just pls tell us how many square meters do you need?

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