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Sorter showing her beauty by bettering her web
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Recently official website www.sorter.cc of Anguo City Sorter World Netting has been optimized and upgraded, which is another significant event after our company ceremoniously held her fifth anniversary celebration in September last year. In order to improve enterprise image, we are in pursuit of details in company news, product display, office automation, etc.

    As a window showing our company’s image, official web has two versions, English and Chinese, and her column includes 7 parts: HOME, ABOUT, NEWS, PRODUCTS, PROJECTS, CLIENT ADVISOR and CONTACT US. In the whole color style, it is in elegant purple which can make customers more cheerful when they browse our web. More exquisite products pictures and more clear web pages and reasonable distribution in structure, detailed product setting with amplifying function, which makes the customers see our products visually and comfortably. We aim that perfect product will be show to our client.

    In addition,We add office automation system function striving to achieve paperless office and realize seamless connection of production, marketing, management, and add background statistical system to track the clients what they click , which can be guided us how to improve our web.

    Since website upgrade, we obtain customers’ high reputation and have attracted more and more clients to click it. Learning from Sorter’s brand planning department, our company will continue to carry out preparation of mobile site and ERP implementation to make the web more perfect. We believe that Sorter's official website and management will be upgraded into a higher level through our efforts.

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