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Sorter clerks’ alibaba century clients training
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Alibaba century clients’ training meeting was held in the Huazhong Holiday Hotel in Baoding city on the afternoon of 22th August. Sorter’s clerk of foreign trading department took part in it, under the leadership of their sales manager. The clerks had a systematically comprehension in the network management   and the advertising for the network’s construction, which would be made a solid foundation for the clerks’ future work.

    Mr Guanlin sponsored the meeting, whose topic was how to be a  favorable supplier in the network business area. As we know, to win the other side, it should be previously know about them well. Mr Guanlin caught the purchasers’ requirement, which was to be considered as business beginning, then he got the conclusion of the purchasers’ exact requirement on the behaviour of the purchasers. Further he made the suitable strategy for matching the purchasers, namely the products display and the net work construction. The product display is to be persuits for its information’s accuracy in three ways of relativity, integrity, profession.

    While product key words in the network are adopted in the view of datum manager and the professional purchaser, and their genuine language, in order to meet their different needs at most. Secondly, the net construction should be obeyed the F principle, to emphasize the network’s profession and integrity concerning about product group and net window display and enterprise’s appearance and relevant column. Mr Guan gained the extensive reputation with his humor language and classical case adopted largely, and wonderful description about the product display and the advertising for the network.
    As the alibaba’s golden clerk, Sorter attended the training meeting. Since many years before, Sorter has payed attention to the  improvement of their whole team’s ability, so they will continue their learning through the corresponding training according to their actual situation.
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