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Canadian SJ visited Sorter
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  On August 28th 2012,the delegates of Canadian SJ arrived Sorter and visited the factory, meanwhile both sides reached agreements on cooperation widely.

    Canadian SJ is a corporation that specializes in building decoration and building design,SJ has many branches in Canada and America, what’s more, SJ gets a wide reputation in North America, European Union and other regions.In the company of the stuffs of Sorter, the representatives visited workshop and watched some samples in exhibition hall. The products whose designs attractive and styles different won the delegates’will.The product competition lies in thoughts and ideas of design, Sorter received praise owing to its products with nationality characters and the difference of individuality demand.They communicated and exchanged the trend of building decorative material and the design concept of popular products adequately.

    Sorter and SJ came to cooperation agreement, and realized sharing in product information and design concept etc.
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